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Zone 2 self-fertile: A fast-growing walnut tree that is well-known as the most cold-resistant of the Juglans species (it can survive as far north as zone 2, though it needs to be in zone 3 to have time to mature its nuts). It also grows better in poor soil compared to the black walnut, while it does prefer a rich, deep and well-drained soil. It needs full sun to grow well.  Its nut is a true delicacy – sweeter than the nut of an English walnut, and full of nutrition! This tree is now an endangered species in its native range, because of the fungal disease known as Butternut canker. These young trees have not yet shown signs of the disease, but they have not shown definite resistance to it and it is possible (or even probable) that they may develop it later if they are exposed to it. We do not advise planting them nearby other Butternuts or forested areas. However we do think it is still worth continuing to plant Butternut seedlings, in the hopes that one day a resistant strain may emerge so that this wonderful species may be saved!