• Spring 2024 orders will open the 2nd week of January 2024
  • $100 minimum order
  • Our trees are organic

Characteristics of the tree

Oaks are sturdy and impressive trees, which bring a sense of elegance and grandeur to wherever they are planted. Oaks are also highly prized for the quality, durability and beauty of their wood, which is among the most valuable on the market. This package will cover 6144ft² or 600m².

The oak collection we offer is a package of the 6 trees listed below. The price of the package is $90, which works out as $15 per tree. This gives you a 15% discount on the usual price.

  • 2 Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) 1-3 feet tall
  • 2 Swamp White Oak (Quercus bicolor) 1-3 feet tall
  • 2 Pin Oak (Quercus palustris) 1-3 feet tall

Below are the descriptions of the different oaks:

Bur oak is cold hardy to zone 3 and can reach 20 meters high (65 feet). It prefers a deep and rich soil. Its acorn is ‘sweet’ (relatively speaking) and edible (pre-boiling is still required). The Bur Oak is native to North America and has now become rare in Canada. It is suitable for cities and can be planted along the roads. Complete description here.

A fast-growing, lowland white oak. It grows well in wet soils and is cold resistant up to zone 4. It can also live over 300 years, reaching heights of 20m (65 feet). It produces sweet, edible acorns.

Native to Eastern Canada, this oak produces acorns that are bitter, but edible with a lot of boiling to remove the tannins! It grows quickly, but reaches a height of only around 15 metres, smaller than most other oak trees. It is distinguishable by its smooth bark.