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Zone 4 self-sterile: Offered to us by Ron Prest from Belleville, ON. “The tree is located in a fence-line and I estimate it is about 80 to 90 years old.  I call it the Prest apple because I think my Grandfather Prest may have eaten an apple and threw the core into the fence-line where it grew. The apples begin to ripen about 15 August.  From mid August to early September the apples have sweetness but also some tartness and are crisp so they are excellent to eat out of hand.  They also make excellent apple sauce.  My family has made apple sauce from them and eaten them out of hand for as long as I can remember.  If left on the tree, by mid September they lose their tartness and soften.  If they are picked and kept cool they will stay crisp and retain good flavour much longer.  The flesh is very white.”