• Spring 2024 orders will open the 2nd week of January 2024
  • $100 minimum order
  • Our trees are organic

The perfect gift for tree-lovers and anyone with a dream of making a better and greener world.

Please note that our minimum order is $100 (before taxes and shipping), so if your gift card is for a lower amount, the recipient will need to pay the balance themselves. Simply fill out the form below, and we will email the card to the recipient.

When you enter the email of the gift card recipient, the gift card will automatically be emailed to them directly as soon as your purchase of the card is completed. Alternatively, you may choose to have it emailed to them on a later date, by selecting your preferred date under ‘Delivery date’.

If you prefer to deliver the gift card yourself in person, write your own email address in the box ‘Enter recipient email’.  You will then receive the gift card, which you can print out and hand over in person!

There is no expiry date.