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Here there is something for everyone: we have carefully put together these packages to suit a diverse range of purposes, budgets and hardiness zones!

If you are new to fruit trees and would like a ready-made selection to fit your zone and your land, one of our mini-orchard collections will surely suit you down to the ground (literally!). If you are interested in planting a wind-break hedge or fruit trees for biodiversity and wildlife on your land, you might like to check out one of our packages of seedling trees. And if you would like to start growing on a bigger scale and are looking for bulk prices; you can find that here too!

Most of the trees in these packages can be found, with their full description, elsewhere on our website. Occasionally they are only available as part of the package deal, in which case we provide a short description.

paquet d'arbres en spécial
Find your hardiness zone

To choose the trees that will grow well for you, the first step is to know the hardiness zone in which they will be planted. If you do not already know your zone, you can find it here by writing the name of the municipality in which your trees will be planted.

When you select your zone, each variety that is hardy in your area will be identified, to make your choice easier.

Data was extracted from the Natural Resources Canada Hardiness Zones map.

What is a hardiness zone ?

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Note that these packages will change from season to season, depending on our availability, and not all of them are guaranteed to remain available each year. The trees in the packages are not interchangeable.