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In this section you will find some wonderful and perhaps less well-known fruits and berries: ranging from cherry-plums (sometimes called ‘chums’) to sour cherries, as well as some other less common but equally beneficial fruits such as aronia and highbush cranberry. They generally grow as small trees or shrubs; perfect if your space for planting is limited. Many of these shrubs can also grow in a wide range of different conditions, an advantage if you do not have access to ideal soil, or would like a tree to plant in partial shade. They can also thrive in a range of climates – all the way up to zone 1 (in the case of the serviceberry).

Growth of black currant in Canada
Find your hardiness zone

To choose the trees that will grow well for you, the first step is to know the hardiness zone in which they will be planted. If you do not already know your zone, you can find it here by writing the name of the municipality in which your trees will be planted.

When you select your zone, each variety that is hardy in your area will be identified, to make your choice easier.

Data was extracted from the Natural Resources Canada Hardiness Zones map.

What is a hardiness zone ?

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The fruits of these trees and shrubs are often favoured for their nutritive or medicinal value, and some lend themselves particularly well to being cooked into delicious and aromatic preserves. There is a growing demand and interest in preserving and exploring the many benefits of these precious local and native sources of nutrition, which we think is more than justified. Let’s learn to grow aronia instead of importing acai berries (and eat fresh homegrown walnuts rather than avocados, for that matter!)