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The origin of the collection

Eric, the founder of this nursery, is incapable of eating a piece of any fruit without saving its seeds to plant later. He is even less capable of driving or walking past an interesting-looking fruit or nut tree without stopping to collect its fruit, nuts or scionwood. It was his ever-expanding collection of trees of all varieties that originally gave rise to this nursery; and while the nursery developed, the collection has never stopped growing in the background!

Thanks largely to his never-ending effort to gift his world with all the food-producing trees it can support, we have amassed hundreds, if not thousands of varieties and cultivars in our experimental orchards that we are continually testing. Quite often, we end up with surplus of certain varieties and trees. These are what you will find in this section.

Eric grafting trees

About these trees

The trees in this section are perfect for collectors, or anyone with a fascination for new or interesting fruit trees. Some of the trees are grafted and others may be seedlings, and they come from a great variety of sources. They are, for the most part, rare and lesser-known trees or cultivars from around the world, that we are still testing. We are therefore not able to provide detailed descriptions or photographs for them. Quantities are limited, and they will often sell out quickly. We also will not have the same selection of collection trees each year, so they are unlikely to come back once they are sold-out.

pear tree label in stainless