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Compact fruit bushes!

Berry and currant bushes occupy a small space, but their harvest is a real treat. They are also some of the easiest fruiting species to care for. Raspberries and blackberries have perennial root systems, and produce fruit on their two-year-old stems. The canes will easily fill a row within a few years. The only pruning you need to do is to remove the older woody stems in fall. Other berry bushes such as currants and aronia are very low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and some can grow in semi-shade.

Growth of a red currant
Find your hardiness zone

To choose the trees that will grow well for you, the first step is to know the hardiness zone in which they will be planted. If you do not already know your zone, you can find it here by writing the name of the municipality in which your trees will be planted.

When you select your zone, each variety that is hardy in your area will be identified, to make your choice easier.

Data was extracted from the Natural Resources Canada Hardiness Zones map.

What is a hardiness zone ?

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Besides being full of flavour, berries are also rich in nutrients and vitamins. As with all our trees, our berry cultivars have been chosen for their cold-resistance, superior flavour and disease-resistance.