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Growing conditions

To grow well, apple trees require well-drained soil, sunlight, and most importantly quite a bit of space! In planning to plant an apple tree, you should bear in mind that you must be able to give your tree the conditions it needs. We suggest planting your trees 9 metres (30 feet) apart. Most apple trees can produce fruit alone, but some require pollination from another variety. So if you know you only have the space for one tree, you might like to use the filters below to show only the trees that are self-fertile. Be sure to also have a look at our articles on planting and caring for your growing trees!

Growth of an apple tree in Canada

A cold-hardy apple tree

When planning to plant an apple tree it is essential to choose a cold-hardy variety, adapted to the Canadian climate and to your region. All our varieties have been selected and propagated with this in mind. They are all hardy to at least zone 4, and some are able to grow even in the harshest (habitable!) climates of Canada. We graft our apple trees on standard-sized, cold-hardy and vigorous rootstock that we grow ourselves from seed. This ensures that the entire tree is cold-hardy including the roots, and gives the tree a full size and full lifespan of 100 years or even more. For more details on standard-sized rootstock and why we prefer it, see this article. 

Apples hanging on tree in winter
Find your hardiness zone

To choose the trees that will grow well for you, the first step is to know the hardiness zone in which they will be planted. If you do not already know your zone, you can find it here by writing the name of the municipality in which your trees will be planted.

When you select your zone, each variety that is hardy in your area will be identified, to make your choice easier.

Data was extracted from the Natural Resources Canada Hardiness Zones map.

What is a hardiness zone ?

I already know my hardiness zone


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Discover our varieties

The varieties we propagate have been chosen from the close to 400 hundred that we own and have been testing for several years in our experimental orchard. We have chosen them based on their hardiness, disease-resistance, and of course, the quality of the fruit. Those you find here are those that have proven themselves the best and most reliable, in our experience.