• Spring 2024 orders will open the 2nd week of January 2024
  • $100 minimum order
  • Our trees are organic

Our aim is first and foremost that the trees that we sell can grow and produce fruit on the lands of those who plant them.
We do not sell a tree unless we are confident that it can withstand transplantation and grow healthily. We guarantee that the trees we sell are alive and in good health when you receive them, whether by collection or shipment.

Guarantee for trees that are damaged on arrival

If the trees that we have shipped to you are damaged or broken when they arrive, contact us by email and let us know in the first three days after you receive them. Please include photographs of the damaged trees. We will replace the trees or refund what you paid for them, according to our availability and your preference.

Guarantee for trees that do not recover after transplantation

Trees are living organisms that need certain conditions in order to survive. We guarantee that our trees are alive and healthy when they reach you. However, if they afterwards lack the necessary conditions for survival, we cannot be held responsible. Similarly, climatic hazards and accidents are not in our hand.


Bearing in mind the above, the following conditions must be met in order for the guarantee to apply:


  1. You must have planted the trees in the first three days following their arrival.
  2. You must have followed the instructions in our planting guide.
  3. The trees must be planted in an appropriate site. We cannot guarantee the life of any tree that is planted in a pot.
  4. You must have watered and weeded the trees regularly.
  5. We do not replace trees that die as a result of events occurring after their reception that are not in our control. For example: trees broken by a dog or lawnmower; drought, floods, disease, nutrient deficiencies, damage by deer, rodents or insects, etc.
  6. We do not replace trees that are slow-growing, since the growing conditions at your home are beyond our control. Certain trees may occasionally abandon their main stem after plantation, while their root system puts forth new growth. This is not a problem for shrubs and certain trees, but is problematic in the case of grafted trees. If the main stem of your grafted apple, pear or plum tree does not bud out, contact us. Even if it is shooting from the roots, our guarantee does apply in this case.
  7. Our guarantee does not apply in the case of trees that bud out, are in good health, and later die.

Minimum time delay

We ask you to wait 45 days after the day of plantation before asking about a guarantee for a tree that did not survive. Depending on the species and the climate, some trees can take up to 45 days to open their buds. Grapevines and black walnuts are always the last to wake up. Do not despair if these are alone in not having opened their buds.

Maximum time delay

Demands for a guarantee should be made at the latest on August 15th of the year of plantation.


Write us an email including the following information:


  1. The name of the tree or trees that appears dead or has a problem
  2. Clear photograph(s) of the entire tree and its environment
  3. A close-up photograph that shows the bark, the buds and the label of the tree
  4. Description of the symptoms you have observed
  5. A description of the main steps of how you have been taking care of your tree. (Date of planting, frequency of watering, etc.)
  6. Your telephone number letting us know a good time to reach you.

We will contact you by phone within seven days to discuss the problem with your trees, just in case there has been any mistake. The objective is to help to avoid making the same mistake, since replacing a tree so that it will end up dying again is not useful for anyone. We may as for more photographs or a more detailed explanation of the situation.

Good faith

We act in good faith and out of the genuine wish to offer healthy trees of good quality. Our expectation is that you also act in good faith, and that you are willing to work together with us. This includes being willing to provide us with the necessary information to identify the source of the problem with your trees, if we can.

If you have a problem with our trees, and you believe that it would be fair to apply our guarantee despite one of the above conditions not being met, contact us to explain your situation. We will evaluate the case in good faith.

Value of the guarantee

When a tree qualifies for our guarantee we may, according to your preference, either


  • Replace the tree (depending on availability)
  • Credit its value to your account for your next order
  • Refund you its value

Note that in the case of replacements, in most cases we must wait until the following spring to ship them to you, as it would be harmful for the trees to transplant them mid-season (after the month of May).

If we are replacing trees that had been shipped to you, we will not charge shipping and handling fees for the replacement.

If a credit is applied to your account, a credit for the value of the transport of the tree, calculated in proportion to the number of trees, in your order will also be applied.

In all cases, the amount of the replacement or credit cannot be higher than the amount that was billed to the customer for the trees and their transport.