• Spring 2024 orders will open the 2nd week of January 2024
  • $100 minimum order
  • Our trees are organic

Many fruit tree cultivars

We grow over a hundred different varieties of fruit trees.

Cold hardy

Our trees are selected for their resistance to Canadian winters.  We have varieties hardy up to zone 1.

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Orders open in January

From December, you can consult inventories online and prepare your wish list. Orders open the second week of January, be ready!

Deliveries are in spring

We deliver across Canada and you choose the shipping date, from mid-April to the end of May. It is also possible to pick up your order in Rawdon.

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Bare-root trees

Our trees are not sent in pots, but with bare roots. We pack the orders with great care and we guarantee that it is delivered in good condition.

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Produced here

We only sell trees produced by us, at our nursery. This is the only way to guarantee the quality of the plants we sell and to offer trees that are adapted to our climate.

For yourself and future generations!

Our apple and pear trees are grafted onto standard size rootstocks. They will live more than a hundred years, rather than twenty years like a dwarf apple tree would!

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Organic and Sustainable

We work with plant mulches, ground cover, compost, and manure. Furthermore, 90% of our packaging materials are sourced from the circular economy.

Carefully selected

We test hundreds of cultivars, and the ones that stand out for their resistance and fruit quality are the ones we propagate!

Outstanding customer service

Have questions or need advice? Contact us and receive a prompt reply, all year long!