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  • Our trees are organic

Our greatest desire throughout the adventure that is this nursery, is to see fruit trees growing all over the country. We hope that one day it might become the norm to have an apple tree, a pear tree, a plum tree, hazelnut trees, berries and other food-producing trees at home. This is already a reality in many countries; why not adopt such a worthy tradition ourselves? 

Planting a tree is, in many cultures and traditions, an act of celebration. For each newborn, a newly planted tree. At each new home, a fruit tree may be planted. As well as feeding us and delighting us with an endless variety of enticing flavours, fruit trees stock carbon and help to mitigate our emissions of CO₂; are an invaluable heritage for future generations, offer us shade in the heat of summer, create a living ecosystem within our own small world, and give us a place to hang hammocks and swings. 

Our mission is and has always been to participate in the construction of these kinds of tree-centred traditions. We do our part by selecting and producing fruit trees that are genuinely adapted to the northern climate. The trees we decide to propagate can survive temperatures as low as -50°C (in the case of zone 1 and 2 trees), but also give tasty fruit without demanding a huge amount of care. They do not need to be sprayed with several products to survive, and you do not need a class in agricultural science to be able to take care of them!

Most importantly, the trees we produce are made to last: their life expectancy is more than 100 years for the majority. We think it absurd to plant a tree only to have to replace it in 20 years, and we produce trees that will still be around for your great-grandchildren to pick their fruit. All that is needed is someone to plant them.