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  • Our trees are organic
Our trees are certified Organic by Ecocert Canada.

A tree nursery with a vision

At Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery, our aim is to bring trees bearing the promise of fresh, tasty fruit and nuts, to even the toughest of Canada’s northern regions. We dream of a future in which it becomes the norm for everyone to have a fruit or nut tree in their backyard.
We think that helping people to harvest some of their own food is part of a mission to make a better world, both for now and future generations.

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Bare-root trees

We are proud to grow all our trees naturally, directly in the soil. They are sold ‘bare-root’ – without pots. Having passed their entire life on our land, they are ready to be planted directly in yours.

This is much better for the health of the tree: its roots can spread freely throughout the soil and gather its nutrients there, rather than being twisted and confined into a limited space. Bare-root trees can also be easily and safely shipped in compact packages via Canada Post.

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How does it work?

May to October

The trees are growing in the field!

Our days are spent planting, weeding, pruning, mulching and grafting, as we care for the trees in the field. We propagate our trees by seed, cuttings or grafting, depending on the species. It can take up to three growing seasons for a tree to be ready to sell.

arbres au champ trees in the field
November and December

We dig up the trees that are ready to order!

The trees enter dormancy and lose their leaves. Now it’s time for us to dig up, count and sort those that are ready to sell. They then pass the winter safely in our cold storage, at just below 0°C.

fruitiers au champ fruit trees in the field
January to May

Time to order your trees!

Once all our trees have been sorted and inventoried, we open our website for orders at the beginning of January. You can place an order online any time from January to April. For the most choice and availability, it’s a good idea to order as early as possible.

commandes orders
March and April

Our team is busy preparing your orders!

These will be then sent by mail on the date of your choosing, unless you decide to pick them up at the nursery on our open days. We ship once a week from mid-April until late May. The trees should ideally be planted as early as possible once the snow has melted.

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Online catalog

All of our trees have proven themselves in our climate, but some are hardy up to zone 1 and 2. We have chosen these trees from our collection of hundreds of cultivars; aiming to offer you those that are the most resilient and easiest to maintain, with the most flavourful fruit.


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