Ewing Blue - Zone 4 - Very cold-hardy European plum -

Ewing Blue - Zone 4 - Very cold-hardy European plum

Ewing Blue is a large multi-purpose European plum that makes particularly good prunes. A reliable tree producing fruit of excellent quality.

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The fruit

Ewing Blue is a European plum variety with a deep blue colour. The fruit are quite large with excellent flavour. Ewing Blue is a great plum for making prunes and is also very good for canning and fresh eating. Harvest is in early September and like most stone fruit it has a pretty limited fresh storage life.


The Plum Tree

Ewing Blue plum tree is a vigorous grower and reliable producer. It is hardy to zone 4. It will need to be planted along with another european plum, such as Petite Soeur de la Mont-Royal.


Its Origin

Ewing Blue was discovered by Fred Ashworth and Bill Mckentley growing wild behind a church. The details of its history are unknown.

Height at maturity4-5 metres (13-16 feet)
Spacing4 metres (12-15 feet)
Hardiness zone4
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorBlue
Years to bear fruit6
Latin namePrunus domestica sp. Ewing Blue
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as