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Patten is a large pear with a mild sweet flavour, similar to Bartlett, with good conservation qualities, at its best after 1 to 2 months in cold storage.

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The Fruit

Patten is harvested in late September, one of the last pears to ripen in the season. It’s important to harvest it BEFORE it is ripe - the seeds should still be white when it is cut open. It is a large, beautiful pear: green with a pale coral-red blush, and a typical pear-shape. It has a mild sweet flavour, similar to Bartlett, with little to no astringency, and the texture when at its best is firm but melting. Both flavour and texture improve considerably in conservation, and overall the fruit is at its best between mid-November and the end of December (1-2 months after it is harvested.) It holds its texture and flavour very well for at least three months in cold storage. It is at its best when used for fresh eating, being somewhat too soft to be ideal for canning purposes. We also used it in baking and in juice with good results.


The tree

Patten is hardy up to zone 3, resisting temperatures as low as -45C. Among its other qualities, it is moderately resistant to fireblight, and it is also a good pollinator for other pears.

Height at maturity10 metres (35 feet)
Spacing6 metres (20 feet)
Hardiness zone3
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
HarvestLate September
Average fruit weight
Fruit color
Years to bear fruit7
PollinationSelf-sterile, requires another variety of pear tree
Latin namePyrus \\\'patten\\\'
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as