Wealthy apple tree - Zone 3 - An addictively sweet taste and an excellent pollinator -

Wealthy apple tree - Zone 3 - An addictively sweet taste and an excellent pollinator

Wealthy is a delicious apple which tastes addictive; extremely juicy and aromatic. It's also an excellent pollinator as it has a large number of flowers over a long period of time. It was one of the first high quality apple varieties grown in the North.

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The fruit

The Wealthy apple is very attractive in appearance with a bright red colour interspersed with small yellow dots. The flesh is white with pink veins. It is very juicy, crisp, and has a sweet and tart strawberry-like flavour. It is great for eating fresh as well as cooking. People often rate it as their favourite apple, many even say it is addictive! For eating fresh, let the apple go scarlet on the tree. For pies (Wealthy is excellent in pies), sauce (makes pink-cherry colour sauce) and preserves, use weeks earlier. The fruit tend to drop at maturity. The Wealthy apple will keep for 3 months.

The tree

The Wealthy apple tree is an early, heavy bearer of fruit. However, if not thinned, it will only produce fruit every other year. It has a long, intense flowering period, making it a great pollinator of other apple trees. It has a good resistance to apple scab, fire blight and cedar apple rust. It is an excellent choice for home gardens.


Let us tell you the touching story of the Wealthy apple. It all started in 19th century with a self-educated horticulturalist named Peter Gideon (1820-1899). Mr. Gideon learned the art of growing fruit when he was a child. In 1853, because of health problems, he moved to Minnesota. At this time, only crab apples would grow in Minnesota. Upon arrival, Mr. Gideon planted millions of apple seeds from his former home in Illinois at his new homestead. Not hardy enough for Minnesota, most of his trees died, while the others were unproductive. Eight years later, only one of his apple trees survived, a Siberian crab apple. Despite this, Mr. Gideon and his family still had faith in the idea of growing apple trees in Minnesota. The times were hard and they had only $8 left. Although Mr. Gideon desperately needed a winter coat, he instead decided to send the money to an apple grower in Maine to buy a bushel of apple seeds (talk about faith!) One of those seeds made a tree hardy in Minnesota... and this tree pollinated with the Siberian crab apple... and Wealthy was born! Mr. Gideon named the tree after his wife, Wealthy Gideon. It was the beginning of the Northwest's fruit growing industries. Half a century later, Wealthy was one of the top five apple varieties grown in the United States. Mr Gideon was a pioneer in Northern fruit growing, and it is an honour for us to propagate his heritage.

Height at maturity7 metres (23 feet)
Spacing9 metres (30 feet)
Hardiness zone3
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorRed
Years to bear fruit3
PollinationGood pollinator
Latin nameMalus sp. \\\'Wealthy\\\'
Average diameter of fruit7cm
Also known as