Sweet Sixteen - Zone 3b - The most unique apple you will ever taste! -

Sweet Sixteen - Zone 3b - The most unique apple you will ever taste!

The Sweet Sixteen apple tree offers a truly unique taste, with a blend of spice, sweet, vanilla and cherry flavours. It is a must taste!

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The fruit

The Sweet Sixteen is an attractive apple; medium sized and yellow in colour with red stripes. This apple is known in particular for its unique taste: sweet with an acidic hint, and incredibly full-flavoured. It is also crisp and very juicy. The taste of this apple ranges from hints of cider, spices, anise, cherry, vanilla bourbon and nuttiness, to name just a few! The flavour is already good before the apple is completely ripe; at this point it has more tartness and the cherry flavour is more pronounced; but at full ripeness its taste is really amazing; on our table it's the apple everyone reaches for first!

It's a wonderful apple to eat fresh but also gives excellent results when cooked. The taste is even more refined when the summer is not too hot. The fruit matures on a three week period and will keep for about 4 months in a cool room.

The tree

The Sweet Sixteen apple tree has resistance to most diseases. Hardy to zone 3b, it's quite vigorous and easy to grow.


William H AldermanThe Sweet Sixteen apple can be traced back to the work of Dr. William H. Alderman. In 1936, at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Dr. Alderman crossed the varieties Minnesota 447 (also known as Frostbite) and Northern Spy, to produce an apple tree that he named MN1593. In 1947, a series of tests on the MN1593 variety were carried out. This continued for 31 years until Sweet Sixteen was released to nurseries in 1978. You can see Dr. Alderman in the photo. Just as we are, Dr. Alderman was also promoting standard rootstock on apple trees when growing in northern areas.

Height at maturity7 metres (23 feet)
Spacing9 metres (30 meters)
Hardiness zone3b
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorRed
Years to bear fruit5
Latin nameMalus sp. Sweet Sixteen (Malus sp. Frostbite x Malus sp. Northern Spy)
Average diameter of fruit6 cm
Also known as