Norkent apple tree - Zone 2 - Sweet and crisp apple for the extreme North -

Norkent apple tree - Zone 2 - Sweet and crisp apple for the extreme North

Sorry, sold-out for Spring 2021 orders. Will be back in December 2021. The Norkent apple tree produces a quality of apple, in terms of being a good keeper and taste, that other trees in zone 2 will find hard to match.

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The fruit

A very hardy and juicy orange striped yellow apple, the Norkent is a medium-big size apple with an average 7cm diameter. The Norkent apple tastes similar to an apple-pear. Its taste is often compared to the Golden Delicious variety. The skin is moderately thick and the fruit will sometimes russet. In addition to making great juices, it is an excellent apple to eat fresh and to cook with. The fruit should not be picked early as it must mature on the tree to develop its full flavors. It will keep for approximately 3 months in storage. However, whilst retaining its firmess, it will lose a bit of flavour and colour over time.

The tree

The Norkent apple tree is very sturdy, with a strong framework. It will  provide greater yields if grown with a pollinator. Norkent also bears at a young age, so you will generally eat fruit one year earlier than with other apple trees!


The Norkent apple was born from a cross between the Haralson and Rescue varieties. It was originally known as PF51 before it was re-named Norkent. The original Norkent apple tree has quite a unique story. It appears to be a seedling from the tens of thousands sent across the Prairies from a program developed by Agriculture Canada in the 1960's. It was moved from the University of Alberta as a whip before being transferred to a residential backyard in Edmonton as the university lacked adequate space to let it grow to full size.

Height at maturity7 metres (23 feet)
Spacing9 metres (30 feet)
Hardiness zone2
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight95 g
Fruit colororange striped yellow
Years to bear fruit3
PollinationSelf-fertile, does better with a pollinator
Latin nameMalus sp. \\\\\\\'Norkent\\\\\\\' (Malus sp. Harlason x Malus sp. Rescue)
Average diameter of fruit7cm (2.5 inches)
Also known as