Goodland apple tree - Zone 3 - A sweet and early harvest -

Goodland apple tree - Zone 3 - A sweet and early harvest

Sorry, sold-out for Spring 2021 orders. Will be back in December 2021. Goodland is an apple that originates from Manitoba. It is hardy to zone 3 and ready to harvest from mid-August onwards. It is a good apple to eat fresh, but it also makes a wonderful apple sauce.

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The fruit

Goodland is a moderately sweet apple with a creamy-green skin and a red blush. With white flesh that is tender and juicy, it is aromatic, has a fine texture, is wonderful as a puree and very good for eating fresh. A good sized apple, averaging 6-8cm in diameter, Goodland apples can keep up to 20 weeks in a cool room. It is an apple that can be harvested from mid-August. To learn how to can your own applesauce safely, visit Food in Jars.

The tree

The Goodland apple tree is hardy to zone 3. It can also be grown in zone 2, but it will probably have some frost injuries in the coldest winters and then need to be pruned. The Goodland apple tree bears vast quantities of fruit every year and has some resistance to fire blight. It will start bearing fruit at a young age.


The Goodland apple tree variety was developed by Agriculture Canada Research Center in Morden, Manitoba. It was born from an open-pollinated seedling of the Patten Greening apple tree. Before it was named Goodland, it was known as Morden 354. Goodland was selected for commercial purposes in 1925 and then introduced on the market in 1955.

Height at maturity7 metres (23 feet)
Spacing9 metres (30 feet)
Hardiness zone3
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeSun
Average fruit weight120 g
Fruit colorCreamy-green, washed with red
Years to bear fruit3
Latin nameMalus sp. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Goodland\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' (Malus sp. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Patten Greening\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' x Malus sp.)
Average diameter of fruit6-8cm (2 1/2 - 3 inches)
Also known as