Duchess of Oldenburg - Zone 3 -The  first choice apple tree in 1888 -

Duchess of Oldenburg - Zone 3 -The first choice apple tree in 1888

The Duchess of Oldenburg apple tree originates from Russia and was once upon a time the first choice of orchardists.

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The fruit

The Duchess of Oldendburg apple is a golden-yellow fruit covered with red stripes. Its shape is slightly flat. Its flesh is firm, aromatic, crisp and juicy and has an intense cream colour that gives purees an orange tint. The apples are of medium to large size, with a sub-acid taste, making this apple an excellent choice to eat fresh or use in cooking. A multi-purpose apple, with a prominent tart taste, it can be used for desserts, making pies or apple sauce. It's a matter of taste! Primarily a summer apple, this variety is easy to cultivate but fruit do not keep for too long.

The tree

The Duchess of Oldendburg apple tree usually produces a good harvest every two years. It has some resistance to canker, but it is subject to collar rot and occasionally to fire blight (not often). In its heyday, the Duchess was used as a reference to evaluate other apple varieties.


The Duchess of Oldenburg originates from the Tula area in Russia. It is also known under the names of Duchess, Duchesse d'Oldenburg, Duchesse, Borowitsky, New Brunswick, Brunswick, Oldenburg, Queen Mary, Early Joe and Charlamowsky.

The Duchess of Oldenburg was first exported from Russia to England in 1815. After stringent testing, it was introduced into France in 1834. One year later, it was exported from the London Horticultural Society in England to the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, thus becoming one of the first 4 Russian apple trees brought to America (with Alexander).

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Height at maturity7 metres (23 feet)
Spacing9 metres (30 feet)
Hardiness zone3
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
HarvestLate-August to early-September
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorGolden to yellow ground covered with red stripes
Years to bear fruit5
Latin nameMalus sp. Duchess of Oldenburg
Average diameter of fruit6.5cm (2.5 inches)
Also known as