Connell Red - Zone 4 - A great apple! -

Connell Red - Zone 4 - A great apple!

Connell Red is the type of apple you want in your yard. It is a GREAT all-purpose apple and in some years has given us our best apples of the year!

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The fruit

Connell Red is a large deep red apple with an outstanding flavour sure to please your taste buds. The flesh is juicy and distinctively flavoured with a sweet taste that is also very good when used in apple pies. This apple is ready to harvest in October. It stores well, lasting up to six months. This variety has been fruiting abundantly in our orchard since 2014. We have been suitably impressed with its quality. At the time of fruiting, one of our German volunteer workers remarked after tasting the Connell Red that we should concentrate exclusively on propagating a Connell Red Orchard. While we love diversity and testing, he had a point. Connell Red has all what you would wish for in an apple: sweetness, crispiness, juiciness and beauty.

The tree

The Connell Red apple tree is grafted with standard rootstock like all of our other apple trees, and resistant to cedar apple rust. It can, however, sometimes have difficulty completely ripening its fruit, so it is particularly important to thoroughly thin the apples in early summer on this tree. Connell Red is hardy to zone 4 and worth a try in zone 3.


In 1957, William Connell discovered this radiant red apple growing inWilliam Connel his Wisconsin orchard. The story goes that the Connell Red Apple resulted from a natural bud sport (mutation) of the tasty Minnesota winter apple, Fireside. Recent evidence has come to light questioning this story. It now appears that the variety may have originated as a seedling, rather than a bud sport. This is a mystery that continues to spark debate amongst apple lovers everywhere.

Height at maturity7 metres (23 feet)
Spacing9 metres (30 feet)
Hardiness zone4
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorRed
Years to bear fruit5
Latin nameMalus sp. Connell Red (Malus McIntosh x Malus Longfield)
Average diameter of fruit8cm
Also known as