Apple tree

Choosing an apple tree adapted to the climate of Canada is essential. A cold-hardy apple tree is the key to success in the north. Planting and growing are both made easy when you choose the right tree. The right apple tree is the one that is cold-hardy to your locality and resistant to both insects and diseases.

Our apple trees are grafted on full size rootstock cold hardy to zone 2, they are extremely vigorous and have a long life. We grow more than 200 varieties of apples in our personal orchard and they all survived the winter test of -47° Celsius. Among all those, we have selected the apple trees with a superior taste, and resistance to insects and diseases. You cannot make any mistake when choosing from the varieties below, as they are all the top of the line.

The apple trees we propagate need very little maintenance. Forget about the McIntosh, Cortland, Lobo, and Empire, they are too prone to disease and insects to be grown in a family orchard, unless you wish to spray them with pesticides and fungicides numerous times every summer.

Most apple trees are self-fertile, meaning that they will bear fruit even when planted alone. However, they often give greater quantity of fruit if planted beside a different variety. Plant your apple trees in a fertile, well drained soil, spacing them 9 meters (30 feet) from each other . Your apple tree should start to bear fruit within 3 to 5 years.

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**** Unfortunately, our apple trees will only be available for fall 2014. We don't have any apple tree available for this spring. To have the first choice for a fall order, you can order on July 1th. Thank you for your understanding.****